2021.04.26 「大エジプト博物館と東日本国際大学の軌跡」研究発表拝聴(joined presentation of [Great Egyptian Museum and Higashi-Nihon University.])

English article is following Japanese.


Research presentation of GEM project team at first time in more than one year




We have attended to hear research presentation hold by JICA Egypt office and Higashi-Nihon University.

The previous presentation of this team was hold at 2019.Oct. So it has been more than one year before. However the project executives, especially professor. Yoshimura Sakuji, are very active, which made us reliefed.

Grand open of Great Egyptian Museum (GEM) postponed from 2020 by this Covid crisis, which is very sorry fact, however this postpone and progress of Online live by this crisis are bringing us the further information from Cairo, Egypt.


The role of museum



In the presentation, The latest consideration and progress condition of restriction about The ship of the sun, which is the main research topic of Higashi-Nihon University.

And also hold the lecture about the role of museum, for the grand open of GEM.


Museum is to tell the history fairy over the world and hand over the world heritage to the next generation


GAFEの活動にも非常にご強力いただているAndrey Plaksin氏も所属しておられる国際博物館協会(ICOM)にて、現在、博物館の役割はより明確に定義されてるそうです。




Museums have always provided us with education, advanced research and fun.

The role of the museum is now more clearly defined by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), to which Andrey Plaksin, who is also very strong in GAFE’s activities, belongs.

The museum is a non-profit organization that objectively and critically preserves the truth of history and tangible and intangible world heritage sites, and is fair to the world.

In other words, the museum is not just an institution that preserves and exhibits cultural heritage, but also it is something that makes the world look back on the path they have passed.

And it convey to the world about their greatness and sometimes make the world reflect on their condut.

That is exactly what we are doing to give the next generation the ability to pass on World Heritage to the next generation.

Andrey Plaksin 氏のオフィシャルサイトはこちら。https://www.nefertaritomb.com/
Mr. Andrey Plaksin 's official website here. https://www.nefertaritomb.com/
who is studying to rebuilding Nefertari tomb on VR tech and provides us his contents voluntarily ,which tomb is called as the most beautiful world heritage in Egypt.


Importance of knowing each other by Culture and Art, Danger of loss interest







<前回の記事> https://gafe-web.com/post-70/



Before the outbreak of this infectious disease, we were enthusiastic about globalization since the Age of Discovery.

We was enthusiastic also about business solutions aimed at sustainable growth and the exchange of culture and art that supports them.

We can’t say everything came from this infectious disease.

However much of the news we’ve heard these days is about the cancellation of international events and the high number of infectious diseases in any country or region.

Even children have come to have some images of large and small cases of infection in domestic and overseas regions.

It’s time to realize the importance of objectively grasping the necessary facts that the museum conveys, and once again confirm the danger of an image that has lost objectivity walking alone.

As I mentioned in the previous article, we are the only ones who live in the present to create the future based on the common treasure of the world such as art and culture.

<the previous article>https://gafe-web.com/post-70/

The next future we want to connect is “A future that argues in the world which country is more dangerous?" “A future that shares what kind of beautiful things in which country in the world?"

GAFE’s activities will never give up the activities to provide the latter one.


 Here is Archive movie of Research presentation [Trajectory of Great Egyptian Museum and Higashi-Nihon International university’s project] .